Every year nearly 650,000 former inmates are released, often to drug-infested, violent, and dysfunctional homes and neighborhoods. Their "re-exposure" to negative behaviors and attitudes will often lead to relapses which can result in the perpetuation of offenses. The intent of the 

"Philemon Project" is a support group/mentorship program provided to assist and prepare individuals to function successfully in society after incarceration. We also provide assistance to family members of ex-offenders during and after the transition to assist in family bonding. With life skills training, rehabilitated ex-offenders can successfully take their training and skills into the community and workplace as responsible, productive citizens.  We also connect with employers and educational institutions who provide education and employment opportunities to ex-offenders.

Please contact us find out more about the "Philemon Project", meeting locations, and times.  We are ready to assist you and your family during your return back to the community!